Opd2d 1.4

Records from radio and VoIP


  • Records radio and VoIP
  • Easy to use


  • Only records in two formats


Opd2d is a program that allows you to convert to WAV or MP3 any sound reproduced by your PC without the need to be a sound engineer or an expert in computer science. Burning with Opd2d is also really easy. You just have to give it file name, limit the time of the recording (by file size or time) and click on burn.

This is a particularly useful program to record radio broadcasts over the Internet, IP telephony conversations, game sounds or any sound captured or reproduced by an external element (a microphone, record player, a cassette player, and so on.). Opd2d saves in WAV and MP3. Since its options you can select one of these two formats, and define quality sampling. In WAV format and supports sampling frequencies between 11025 to 44100Hz with 8 or 16 bits and MP3 ratios of 64 to 192bps.

This is a brilliant program which makes radio recording in particular a breeze.

This is a very simple little audio recording application. It can be used to easily record anything you can get into your soundcard direct onto your hard disk. You might also have noticed that it's got a bit of an odd interface.

It was originally written to make use of the Yamaha SW1000 XG soundcard's ability to record the digital audio that it's playing. This is a really useful feature that combined with this app means I can record streaming audio from the internet direct to my hard disk, then burn it onto CD.



Opd2d 1.4

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